Thanks to everyone who joined our 19th Annual Mother’s Day celebration and fundraising event on May 12, 2023!  As one of Alameda County’s leading Afghan non-profits, the Afghan Elderly Association (AEA) has been supporting seniors for over 27 years. For our seniors, isolation often means becoming disconnected from daily social networks and growing isolation. This event offered a huge opportunity to all members of the community to come together and enjoy a night of socialization, music, and most of all JOY!



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Our Elders are at risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and memory loss as they age.  AEA planned an awareness presentation for the members of the community to help reduce the risks of dementia.  This presentation offered an overview on healthy mental aging, how to detect and prevent early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, and related dementias. The presenter also addressed common misconceptions about memory loss, dementia, delirium, and depression.